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By Saints Volleyball, Nov 15 2014 10:00AM

After a tough loss against Glasgow the Men’s first took on Aberdeen at home this Sunday.

The Saints started the first set in strong fashion with solid play and impressive serving, scoring points and forcing Aberdeen to make errors, displaying some of the best play so far this season. Aberdeen never recovered and the Saints took the set comfortably 25-13.

Aberdeen cleaned up their act for the second set, eliminating the errors of their previous set and made the Saints fight for every point. This time it was our play that suffered giving Aberdeen some easy points. The set remained close however, at the critical moment of 23-23 a tactical time-out by Aberdeen resulted in a serving error that stopped the Saints’ late-game momentum and tipped the scales in their favour. The set was lost 24-26.

By Saints Volleyball, Oct 23 2014 09:00AM

The St Andrews Women 1st team had their first match of the season on Saturday 18th October. A Scottish Cup League game, the Saints took on the Edinburgh Jets II team in what turned out to be a victorious conquest.

The 1st set showed strong playing from the Saints, with especially powerful serving from Emma Fox. The team played very cohesively for their first set of the season including a great fake play orchestrated by Fox, Sydney Maxwell, and Alexandra Smith. The Saints easily took the set 25-10.

The 2nd set proved to be not as easy. The Jets had much more pick-ups than the previous set and the Saints saw themselves get a little bit sloppy in technique. However, they pulled it together, and with a beautiful block from Alison Conway and some great serve receive from Annamarie Wheeler, they managed to take the set 25-20.

The 3rd set saw the Saints returning to their natural pace, including some strong serving from Barbora Wichterlova. The Saints took the set 25-11.

Overall, it was a great first match of the season and showed the Saints some of their strengths as well as what to work on in later practices. There was great hitting throughout the match from Hannah Berwian and Maxwell as well as some great sets from Smith.

The Saints play next in Durham for their first Premier League match of the season.

By Saints Volleyball, Oct 19 2014 09:00AM

Heading off to Dundee on Raisin Sunday with a diminished group (reasons can be found in the date itself as well as sickness) of nine players, the men's team was still optimistic looking forward to their match against Dundee University

At the beginning of the first set, the team had to find its concentration and order on the court. This was illustrated by serving, rotation and receiving faults. Unfortunately it took the team until the third set to regain its strength after losing 18:25 and 14:25. After putting pressure on Dundee, the Saints won the next two sets (25:22 and 25:11) by avoiding own mistakes and showing their skills on all positions. However, the Saints were not able to maintain their momentum from the previous two sets, losing the fifth set 9:15.

Nevertheless the day was a good chance to bring some new players on the field who performed very well, especially Zi, Floris and Tobi.

The next match will be on the coming Sunday at 2pm against Edinburgh at the sports centre in St Andrews. Please come and support us all!

Go Saints!

By Saints Volleyball, Oct 8 2014 09:00AM

Losing our former captains C. Moir and C. Stewart and former president K. Dibb was a great hit to the Volleyball Men's team. With a couple of more players graduating the team was reduced to half of its size. However, we had a very successful tryout phase this year with 30 motivated players showing off their skills. The new team is composed of a balanced mix of experienced retuners and talented newcomers whose commitment is defintiely a shot in the arm. Our aim for this season is fighting for the first place in the BUCS Scottish 1A league and improving our performance in the National Scottish Cup competition.

Our men's team will be kicking off the season on Sunday at home aginst Robert Gordon University who only moved up to Scottish Division 1A this season. Come along to support them at 15:30 (FBS) at the sports centre.

By Saints Volleyball, Sep 2 2014 09:00AM

Looking for sports, fun and socializing? A very close-knit bunch of people, the Volleyball Club is the ideal community to get involved and make long- lasting bonds. Over the last four years, the club has celebrated its greatest successes since its initiation. Its growth in size and reputation has come along with its promotion to the prestigious status of a focus sport.

By Saints Volleyball, Dec 8 2013 10:00AM

In its first season as a Focus Sport, Saints Volleyball has continued to go from strength to strength, despite some tough, close and disappointing losses. On the back of a 3rd place finish at BUCS National Championships and the “perfect” 10-0 season in the BUCS Scottish 1st Division for the Women’s 1st , a solid 4th place debut in the 1st Division for the Men’s 1st and the strong development of the Women’s 2nds team, all teams looked to solidify their success in 2013/14.

By Saints Volleyball, Nov 28 2013 10:00AM

Thanks to the commitment of a passionate and talented group of international players and coaches, the St Andrews Volleyball Club is proud to announce its ascent to the status of a University Focus Sport!

Volleyball is one of the most widely played sports worldwide and has seen unprecedented growth on a competitive scale in the past few decades. This growth is also apparent in Scottish volleyball, as illustrated by its increasing popularity as a university sport.

By Saints Volleyball, Nov 6 2013 10:00AM

Inspired by an amazing Men 1st team's victory against Aberdeen University on Tuesday, Women's 1st took on Aberdeen ladies' 1st team at home the day after. One does not get to see such matches everyday - two hours of pure tension resulted in spirited Saints ladies securing victory 3:1.

It did not start too well for the Saints team, however. From the onset of the match, Aberdeen proved that they did not travel a hundred miles down South just to play for fun - they had come for much more. The determination of the opposition lead them to win the first set of the match 22:25. Nonetheless, some experts argue that Saints ladies let Aberdeen win the first set on purpose. They choose this tactical manoeuvre so that the opposition would start resting on laurels, and once they do - spike some balls! It worked out well against Edinburgh, and, as we see, worked out this time too.



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