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When the North Sea joins the party...

By Saints Volleyball, May 23 2016 09:00AM

The St Andrews West Sands proudly welcomed a wave of student beach volleyball players on May 7th for the annual Scottish Student Sport Beach Volleyball Championship. With an impressive turn-out of 10 Women teams, 17 Men teams and 4 recreational teams, the event did not disappoint in terms of quality of play – and natural challenges.

Before the end of the pool phase, the tide decided to join the fun, and within 15 minutes, 7 of the 8 courts had to be taken down, leaving the show court as the only venue for the rest of the competition. The collective efforts of the players to dismantle the drowning courts and raise improvised flood defenses, and the prompt re-shuffling of games by the organizers however saved the rest of the event. Eventually secluded from the main beach access due to the advance of the sea, the championship remained on track and saw T. Barr and C. Forrest take the gold in the Men’s division, whilst A. Schkreba and M. Eskelinen (Aberdeen) won their competition.

Congratulations to the 10 teams of Saints Volleyball players and to all the volunteers who made it possible.

Special gratitude extends to Craig Doyle for his excellent photography – see the full gallery here:



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